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Meet The Artist - Q&A with Eindra

The lovely Eindra of Eindra With Love is one of most popular artists. Her hand-made Merlion Christmas cards were a huge hit this year and we just love her delicate designs and her vast variety of work. This week we chat to Eindra and quiz her all about her background, her art influences and her love for Singapore.

When did you fall in love with art and what is your background?

-Since I was very young, drawing is what I do whenever I have free time. I participated in art competitions in school.

What influences your art?

-I used to draw mostly girls with pencils and pens when I was younger but as I get older, I fall in love with watercolor more and my creativity gets me into card making. I feel like every arts and crafts are related as you can make a card using a crochet or a cross stitch piece.

What is your favourite type of art?

-Card making and watercolor flowers.

ow do you come up with new ideas for greeting cards?

-I get inspirations from Pinterest and YouTube for card making but sometimes the idea just pop up in my mind.

Why do you love what you do?

-I just enjoy creating art and even thinking about making a card gives me joy.

What is your most important artist tool and why?

-It’s really hard to choose one but stamping tool is really making my life easier.

What is your proudest piece of art and why is it special to you?

-Watercolor hydrangeas as those flowers are really hard to draw.

Your Merion themed Christmas cards were really popular this year. How long have you lived in Singapore and what do you love about it?

-It’s been 15 years. Safety, cleanliness, convenient transportation system and ease of online shopping.

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, how will you be spending the holidays?

-Will be enjoying my time with family as usual or picnic with family and friends.

To view a selection of Eindra's work visit

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